Water-Resistant Smartphone – Myth or reality?

If you own any of the latest iPhones, Samsung, or other water-resistant smartphones you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is my phone really waterproof?” The answer to that is: No.

Any amount of liquid can be harmful to your device. These latest phones are designed to only take a quick dip without turning off on you. So, if you think your phone is water resistant, think twice before you act. Here are a few things that you should know about the water resistance on your phone.

Water-resistant is not waterproof

This is an important point that phone companies should clearly explain. They should not claim that your phone is waterproof at all. As a matter of fact, the tests for water resistance are all conducted under specific controlled conditions and hence cannot be true for a real scenario.

At the end of the day, what companies do is use a variety of seals and gaskets designed to keep water from getting inside the device? No seal can be that perfect and if some water manages to squeeze through the rubber gaskets or glue seals, it is possible your phone gets water damaged.

Be aware of the levels of resistance

Know the highest ratings for resistance on your phone on both dust and water. Your phone might have higher dust resistance and lower water resistance or vice versa.

Of course, any number cannot guarantee there will be no damage. Companies testing a device’s water resistance might softly submerge it in freshwater, which is much different from what would happen if your friend pushed you into the swimming pool, or if the tide came in unexpectedly at the beach and soaked your phone with seawater.

A phone’s levels of water and dust resistance also diminish with wear over time – even just sitting on the shelf can degrade their ability to keep out water or dust.

Watch your warranty

Even though companies market the phones as water-resistant, they do not actually cover water damage in their warranties. They even have little stickers inside the phones that change colour if liquid damaged.

Most companies try to work around with customers if they claim that the water-resistant features failed to work under warranty. 

Staying dry

It is important to keep your expectations from your phone realistic and use it responsibly. 

Best idea is to keep your phone dry and be for any water situation. If you find that your phone has drops of water and you need to perform a quick clean-up, we suggest NOT putting it in rice.

Try to locate the nearest GR Phones store and we will do a water/liquid damage clean up for your professionally. This will increase the chances of your phone surviving the accident than trying stuff yourself.