HOCO X52 Sereno Lightning Magnetic Charging Cable


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Length – 1.0 metre

Color – Black

Current – A 2.4

Fast charging – Yes

Braid material – PVC

Magnetic connector – Yes

Data transfer – No

Compatible Devices – iPhones till 14 series and iPads


2 in stock

Lightning iPhone Charging Cable

Ditch the fumbling and frustration with this sleek, black, 1-meter charging lightning cable! Designed for speed and convenience, it boasts a magnetic connector and fast-charging capabilities, all packed into a lightweight and durable package.

Let’s delve into the details:

  • Power Up in a Flash: Equipped to handle a maximum current of 2.4A, this cable injects a powerful charge into your device, significantly reducing waiting times. No more being tethered to an outlet for extended periods – this lightning cable gets you back in action quickly.

  • Effortless Connection: The innovative magnetic lightning connector is new. Gone are the days of wrestling with tiny ports or struggling with low light. Simply bring the magnetic tip close to your device, and it clicks effortlessly into place, guiding you with a satisfying snap. This easy operation is must, especially when juggling multiple tasks or navigating in dim lighting. However, a small caveat – the lightning iPhone connector is straight, so ensure the arrow on the tip points upwards for a successful connection with cable.

  • Light as a Feather: Weighing a mere 18 grams, this lightning cable is the perfect travel companion. Toss it in your bag or purse without adding any burden. This compact size lets you take it anywhere for mobile charging, so you’ll never be caught with a dead battery on your iPhone.

  • Built to Last: Don’t let the lightweight design fool you – this lightning cable boasts a tough exterior. The outer braid, constructed from PVC, is a champion against wear and tear. It protects the delicate internal wires from daily use, preventing tangles and ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Focus on Charging: This cable excels in its core function – giving a fast and reliable charge. However, it does not include function for data transfer. If you need to transfer files between your device and a computer, a separate cable will be necessary.

Overall, this 1-meter magnetic lightning charging cable offers a perfect blend of speed, convenience, and durability. With its lightweight design, fast-charging capabilities, and easy-to-use magnetic connector, it’s a must-have addition to your tech arsenal.

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