Recent Advances in 5G and Foldable Glass

Smartphones are about to get interesting thanks to recent advances in 5G and foldable glass — but they are still under development.

The latest models of smartphones are getting amazing, but the excitement surrounding them is becoming stale due to just a few upgrades in the technology. There is no major change other than a few features here and there.

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Upgrading to new phones often leads to a similar experience as your older phone because you are using the same old apps and a slab of glass and metal or plastic.

But smartphones are at the point of becoming exciting again, and it’s thanks to two major innovations: new, foldable designs and 5G.

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Innovations like foldable smartphones and 5G will breathe new life into smartphones.

Once fully developed, these innovations will deliver experiences that simply aren’t possible with today’s traditional smartphone slab connected to ageing 4G networks.

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The evolution of wireless internet connection will bring features and functionality we don’t even know about yet. Smartphones are nothing without a wireless data connection like 4G LTE, so any evolution that brings improvements in wireless service is incredibly important.

That evolution is 5G, and its potential is exciting. 5G promises two big improvements over 4G LTE, including faster speed and a more responsive experience with less delay, or lag.

Hopefully, we will keep up with the pace of technology and use amazing phones and network of the future.

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