My Phone Won’t Charge

When you get home from a long day of work or a busy day, settling in and charging your phone is sort of a daily ritual for all of us. If you’ve ever arrived home, plopped down in your seat and realized that your phone wasn’t charging, this article will help you try things before you seek professional help.

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1. The charger does not fit in the charging port

2. Wireless Charging

I think at some point we’ve all experienced this. You plug your cord into your phone and… Nope, it does not fit in. So, you move it back and forth, and you see it charges for a second and then goes away again. You try to wiggle it frantically until you find the perfect angle for it to finally charge, but it still does not charge.

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2. Is your charging cord or wall adapter faulty?

2. Capture Information with the Phone’s Sensors

It is a good idea to look at these two before looking at anything else that might be wrong with the phone. First, try plugging only the USB cord into a computer, laptop, or any USB port. If your phone charges, then it is most likely the adapter that plugs into the wall that might have broken. They are available easily and cost less than repairs.  

If it still does not charge, then try another charging cord and see if that works. Lastly, try another power outlet at your home to see if there are issues with it. If all these steps are still not making your phone charge, it may be time to look at the device itself at a repair shop.

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3. Could it be your charging port? Should I fix it myself?

If your phone has wireless charging and you have a wireless charging pad for it, I suggest trying it first. If it works, you at least know that it is just the charging port and not a deeper issue. If this wireless charging also does not work, there might be an issue with the actual phone.

On most models, the charging port meets different network cables, headphone jack, and even the vibration motor for your phone. Unless you are experienced, it is not advisable to switch these out without guidance due to the possibility of damaging internal parts.

If you can’t figure out what happened to your charging port, then head to the nearest GR Phones store. Our team of technicians will help assess the issue with the phone and most probably fix it before you know it. We repair all types of iPhones, iPads, tablets, laptops etc.

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