Foldable Smartphones of the Future

Foldable smartphones are off to a rough start in the market, but they have all the attention they need now.

Foldable smartphones are not getting popular fast because the few models that got launched are incredibly fragile and expensive – it’s hard to recommend anyone to buy a foldable smartphone right now.

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But their failures to impress now shouldn’t cloud their potential later. Over time, it won’t be surprising if foldable smartphones become devices that people “should” buy. Smartphone makers will continue to develop foldable smartphone technology to make them less fragile and expensive, especially if it means more sales.

Foldable designs will allow the traditional static smartphone slab to transform into something more useful, whether they fold out to turn a regular smartphone into a tablet, or fold in to become more compact when you’re not using them. The latter is a throwback to the good-old flip phone and it’s interesting that we’re looking back to get smartphones to move forward.

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Either way, foldable designs are one of the biggest innovations in smartphones to date. For their first 13 years of existence, smartphones were simple rectangles. Now, they’re starting to take new shapes to deliver new functionality.

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