Can’t Hear People When They Call on My Phone

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to hear an important call. Whether it is business or personal, hearing the person on the other side is a must! Let’s see some steps to start hearing your phone calls clearly.

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1. Check the phone volume

4. Use Dark Wallpaper / Dim the screen

This is typically a simple thing to check. There are two types of volume. Regular volume and call volume. Adjusting the main volume won’t affect the call settings. When you receive a call check and verify that the volume is turned up enough to hear.

2. Are you connected to anything?

The next step is to test if you are wired or connected to any other device around you. If you are connected to any device that works on Bluetooth, you might be connected automatically, and the sound might be playing through there. You may want to turn your Bluetooth off in your settings or through the dropdown menu to make sure that it isn’t this.

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3. Is there something in the way of the ear speaker?

If you may have purchased any cases or tempered glass that are not rightly fit or with a liquid glue, there are chances it may have blocked the ear speaker. This may have caused issues in hearing phone calls. In this case, we check to see if the case or cover is blocking the earpiece receiver. Sometimes they are not universal and needs to be replaced with one that is made just for the phone.

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4. Is the ear speaker dirty? Did my ear speaker break by any chance?

When the first 3 steps don’t work, there are usually 2 more outcomes that both involve a technician. The mesh on the earpiece may not be exactly airtight, which will cause dirt and debris to gather inside your phone. Over time calls will get more and more muffled until you can barely hear your calls.

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