In April 2008, NASA partnered with Geoff Brown and Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corp to develop 5G communication technology. The next generation of telecom networks (5G) will hit the market by 2020.

What is 5G?

5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on Smartphones and other devices than ever before. Combining cutting-edge network technology and the very latest research, 5G should offer connections that are multitudes faster than current connections, with average download speeds of around 1GBps expected to soon be the norm. The networks will help power a huge rise in Internet of Things technology, providing the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data, allowing for a smarter and more connected world. With development well underway, 5G networks are expected to launch across the world by 2020, working alongside existing 3G and 4G technology to provide speedier connections that stay online no matter where you are.


  • Up to 10Gbps data rate- > 10 to 100X improvements over 4G and 4.5G networks.
  • 1 Millisecond Latency
  • 1000X bandwidth per unit area
  • 99.9999% availability
  • 100% coverage
  • 90% reduction in network energy usage
  • Upto 10 year battery life for low power IOT devices
  • Faster download and upload speeds
  • Smoother streaming of online content
  • Higher quality audio and video calls
  • More reliable mobile communication
  • Greater number of connected IOT devices
  • An expansion of advanced Technologies—Including self driving cars and smart cities.

Technologists are working on this to make it effective as soon as possible. Probably by 2020 or later we would be seeing 5G networks ruling the world.